The company

We are an all-Italian company that has been operating since 1959 in the import, roasting and marketing of blends for espresso coffee.
Our production facilities are located at our headquarters in Alessandria, and from here, the sales network cultivates relationships with hundreds of customers located across Italy and abroad, supplying them with product whenever they need it.
We deal directly with exporting our own-brand blends as well as private-label packs, helping to disseminate the refinement that goes hand in hand with Italian espresso across the globe.

“The best publicity for Mike coffee is customer word of mouth”

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Management systems and certifications

In order to guarantee the quality of our supply chain, we have adopted a series of national and international standards, and we engage in maintenance and certification activities to ensure compliance with these. Our company is ISO 22000 certified and we have been granted Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency.

ISO 22000 – Food safety management systems
This standard sets out the requirements necessary in order to implement an effective food safety management system (FSMS)

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
This status serves to certify that a company has demonstrated specific reliability with regard to the customs authorities in the sphere of international trade