Caffe Mike

We are an Italian company operating since 1959 in the field of import, roasting and marketing of espresso coffee blends; in our headquarters in Alessandria there are the production facilities and from there the sales network keeps in touch and supplies daily hundreds of customers spread throughout the territory of North-Western Italy and beyond.

We directly handle the export of mixtures to our brand and others, packaged and marketed for third parties, helping to spread the refinement of Italian good taste in the world.

foto di famiglia

More than half a century to the roaster

From 1 January 1959, a company registered by Mario Castagnotto was added to the register of the Alessandria companies. This is Mike’s roasting company and is based in Corso Virginia Marini, where he stays for a few years and then moves to Corso Roma. With the passing of the years, the size of the company increases, and in 1965 it finds its current location in via Giordano Bruno 144-146, today via I.G.Bertola Roveda 14.
It’s been more than 60 years since then, but the passion for the coffee roasting process has never diminished.